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Taipei Symposium

2011-12香港 • 深圳城市\建築雙城雙年展 臺北論壇 壓軸登場

1 June 2012

為延續臺北市政府辦理2011臺北世界設計大展之效果,讓設計不再是僅具創造商業價值的功能, 而是體現市民福祉和城市發展的公共政策主張,如今,在面對越來越多新興城市崛起的壓力下, 需找尋新的發展動力,而『設計之都』的主軸概念將為迎向未來的戰略之一;有鑑於此,台北市 都市更新處特於2012年2月16日至4月23日以『臺北展』名義參與2011-12香港 • 深圳城市\ 建築雙城雙年展,而系列活動壓軸場次臺北論壇即將於6月2日至3日假本次展出空間之一: URS(都市再生前進基地)127公店登場,特別邀請到許多重量級講師與會,以期將本次 2011-12香港 • 深圳城市\建築雙城雙年展之國際經驗導入臺北城,同時也邀請到國內城市行 銷及都市設計領域經驗豐富的專家參與,創造雙向交流及對話,建立臺北市設計實力之國際聲望 與國際連結,累積爭取「2016世界設計之都」之能量。
Upcycling of Banners

Upcycling of Banners

31 May 2012

The Biennale banners have changed their face! The new look is designed by "Déjà vu Creation" and will be shown at mega box soon. Let's support "Upcycling"!
Promotion materials

Printed promotion materials

A few printed promotional materials of the exhibit, including postcards and leaflets from "Aqua Industry", "Dazibao d'architectures Paris-HK", "Dragon Skin Pavilion" and "Sugar Treasure" are available for online reading at Issuu.com!
Biennale Highlights in Video

Video on highlights of the Biennale is uploaded

The 8-minute video includes not only the ideas of exhibits introduced by the chief curators, but also highlights of the symposia, guided tours, workshops, performances, etc. Premiered in the Closing Party, the video was produced by Hong Kong Cultural Imaging Workshop.
Event photos

Event photos are uploaded

Event photos are uploaded at our Facebook page, you can also click “Photo Album” in the column “Content” in the tables at the “Event” pages in this website for linking to the Facebook albums.
End of the Biennale

The Biennale has come to an end

23 April 2012

The Biennale has come to an end with a record-breaking 150,000 person-times of visitors for the 5 pavilions and 2 satellite venues and around 4,000 participants for around 30 events, including 12 symposia, 3 tours, 3 workshops, 3 film screenings, 2 performances in 2.5 months. We sincerely thank all of you for your continuous support for the Biennale!
Reopen the Pavilions

Reopen the Pavilions

21 April 2012

All pavilions are reopened today. Thank you for your kind attention!
Temporary Closure

Temporary Closure of Four Pavilions

20 April 2012

Due to Thunderstorm Warning and serious rain, for safety reason, the "Pavilion for Hong Kong Exhibits", "Pavilion for Taipei Exhibits", "Pavilion for Shenzhen and Other Mainland Cities Exhibits" and "Pavilion for Asian Urban Portraits Exhibits" will be closed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!
Closing Week Symposia

Closing Week Symposia

13 April 2012

The Biennale has reached its finale! Join us for the two closing symposia! the symposium titled "City and Charaters" will be held at 2:30pm-5:30pm on 21 April (Sat) at Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre; the symposium titled "Transience of Urbanism" will be held at 1:30pm-5:30pm on 22 April (Sun) at The Mira Hong Kong. For details, please visit the page "April 2012 Highlights" in this website.
Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Total public visitors of 2011-12 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture reached 150,000, announced by Curators Anderson Lee and Tris Kee.


Children Workshop called “My Ideal Kowloon East”, explored architecture and urbanism, co-organized by Cheerful Studio.
Final Month

Final month of the Biennale!

1 April 2012

Stepping into April, there are highlighted events including symposia on “Lost and Found in City Development”, “Future School / Architecture and Learning Envionments”, guided tour and symposium on “Conservation / Adaptive Reuse”, guided tour at Hong Kong Arts Centre, public presentation on “flash MOBile”, film screening “Night on Earth” and workshops on “Exploration of Light Cities” and “We All Live in the Forbidden CIty”. Don’t miss the chance!
Dance Performance

Dance Performance

18 March 2012

Site specific dance performance – Bodyscape, at Kowloon Park, performed by Cai Ying, Hu Xiaoou, Tsui Yik Chit.
Taipei Exhibits

Website of Taipei Exhibits

1 April 2011

The official website of Taipei Exhibits is ready! Visit http://taipeipavilion.net for the concept of the pavilion, details of the exhibits, photo gallery!

Catalogue is ready

16 March 2012

The catalogue of the Biennale is published! Welcome to collect it at Kowloon Park exhibition venue for free. You can also download the e-copy at homepage of this website!
Biennale Film

Biennale Film is ready

5 March 2012

Directed by award winner Mr. Kal Ng, the Biennale Film has finished the post-production. Welcome to view the 60-min preview at Youtube. The film (60 min) which will introduce all exhibits of the Biennale, is now screening at the exhibition venues of World Exhibits, Hong Kong Exhibits and Shenzhen & Other Mainland Cities Exhibits!
Pritzker Prize Winner

Pritzker Prize winners on view at the Biennale

28 February 2012

Congratulations to Mr. Wang Shu, the winner of the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize, the top honor in the field. His exhibition “Illegal Architecture” is on view in the Asian Urban Portraits Pavilion at the Biennale. Wang is the first Chinese citizen to win the prize and, at just 48, he is also one of the youngest recipients in history. His firm, Amateur Architecture studio, has completed projects in several Chinese cities. Other high-profile award winners in the Biennale include Mr. Rem Koolhaas of OMA (who was awarded the Pritzker in 2000) and Mr. Thom Mayne of Morphosis (who received it in 2005). Mr. Steven Holl received the 2011 Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects.
Press Coverage

Press Coverage

20 February 2012

The Biennale has wide range of press coverage. Welcome to visit the webpage "Press Coverage" under "Press" in this website for the news clippings!
Public Tours at the Biennale

Public Tours at the Biennale

Tris Kee, Curator for Community and Media, at a public tour at the Biennale.


Public symposium at Hong Kong Fringe Club on 16 February, 2012, presented by Gene King, Terence Riley, Aaron Betsky, Anderson Lee and Huang Weiwen, moderated by Tris Kee.


16 February 2012

The Biennale has arranged a number of symposia throughout Feb to Apr. Government officials, experts and scholars are invited to discuss with the audience on topics related to architecture, urban development, heritage adapted reuse, etc. Free admission! For details please visit the webpage under "Event".
Opening Ceremony at Kowloon Park

Opening Ceremony

16 February 2012

(Left to right: Tris Kee, Curator for Community and Media, Terence Riley, Chief Curator for Shenzhen & Hong Kong Biennale, and Chief Curators for Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale, Anderson Lee and Gene King)
Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

16 February 2012

The opening ceremony cum Parade was held at Kowloon Park on 16 February 2012 (Thursday) with more than 400 participating guests. Visit the photo album at Facebook!
Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony will be held on 16 Feb 2012!

10 February 2012

The Opening Ceremony will be held at Piazza, Kowloon Park, Tsim Sha Tsui at 3pm, 16 Feb 2012 (Thursday). Mr. Stephen LAM Sui Lung, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary of Administration, HKSAR, Mr. LV Ruifeng, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal Government will be the Guests of Honours. The opening will be followed by a Parade to Pavilion for Shenzhen and Other Mainland Cities Exhibits, Pavilion for Hong Kong Exhibits and Pavilion for Taipei Exhibits accordingly, with representatives from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei Governments as the officiating guests. See you in Kowloon Park!
The Biennale Blog

The Biennale Blog is ready!

1 February 2012

The Biennale Blog is ready! Please visit http://hkszbiennale.blogspot.com. We will upload the sharing on the Biennale, architecture and urbanism from time to time. Welcome to subscr
Bamboo Pavilions

The construction of 4 Bamboo Pavilions have started!

11 January 2012

The 4 bamboo pavilions spread over Kowloon Park are titled as Pavilion for Hong Kong Exhibits, Pavilion for Shenzhen and Other Mainland Cities Exhibits, Pavilion for Taipei Exhibits and Pavilion for Asian Urban Portrait Exhibits. Designed by local bamboo masters and architects from Hong Kong and Taipei, the pavilions are variations on the traditional bamboo pavilions for Chinese Opera and become the landmark of the Biennale.
Shenzhen Opening

HK Representatives Attended the Official Opening of SZ Biennale

8 December 2011

2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture (SZ Biennale) is opened on 8 Dec 2011! Ms Elizabeth Tse, JP, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology) and representatives from the organizers and the curatorial team of the 2011-12 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale (HK Biennale) visited Shenzhen. Curated by Mr. Terence Riley, SZ Biennale is located at Shenzhen Civic Square and OCT-LOFT and will lasts until 18 February 2012. Please visit www.szhkbiennle.org for details.
Press Conference

Press Conference received overwhelming support

9 November 2011

The press conference was held at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre on 9 November 2011 (Wednesday) to announce the curatorial theme and exhibition plan. It received overwhelming support from the media as well as the Organizer Committee Office of Shenzhen Biennale, our lead sponsor CreateHK, strategic partners, supporting organizations and exhibitors. Visit our Facebook page for press coverage and event photos!
Press Conference

Press Conference will be held on 9 Nov 2011!

1 November 2011

2011-12 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture will be held at Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre and Kowloon Park, Tsim Sha Tsui from February to April 2012. A press conference will be held at the exhibition venue on 9 November 2011 (Wednesday) to announce the curatorial theme and exhibition plan.

Recruitment of Architectural Designer

1 November 2011

The Biennale is recruiting architectural designer, interested parties please apply in full resume with expected salary and date of availability e-mail to info@hkszbiennale.org.
Join Us

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and YouTube!

1 November 2011

The Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and YouTube accounts of the Biennale are launched! Please join our social networks to get the latest news of the Biennale! You could also leave your email address through the blank under “Subscribe by Email” at the page “Contact Us”, to receive the news of the Biennale by direct email!
Exhibition Proposal

Open Call for Submission of Exhibition Proposal

Dear prospective exhibitors, the curatorial team is now pleased to announce open calls for the submission of proposals to the Biennale, which is proposed to be held from February through April 2012. Please refer to the link as below for more details: Click Here. Submission deadline is Hong Kong Time 5:00 pm, Friday, 30 September 2011. In the interim, please also email your questions to hksz2011@hkia.net.

Appointment of Curator

The Organizer composed of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Planners and Hong Kong Designers Association is pleased to announce that Mr. Gene K. King, Mr. Anderson Lee have been appointed as the Chief Curators for the 2011 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture. The curatorial team members include Ms Julia Lau and Ms Tris Kee.