April 2012 Highlights

Closing Event Date, Time, Venue Content

Closing Party

20/4 (Fri) 6pm

The Arcade, Kowloon Park

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- Ms. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor,

  GBS, JP, Secretary for Development,


- Mr. Xu Chong Guang, Deputy Secretary

  General of the Shenzhen Municipal


Symposium Date, Time, Venue Content

Lost and Found in City Development

  • Public
  • English / Putonghua
7/4 (Sat)
10:30am - 12noon

Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

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- Lee Ou Fan, CUHK

- Jian Jun, Guangzhou Academy

  of Fine Arts

- Zhu Tao, HKU

- Gene K.King, Chief Curator

- Anderson Lee, Chief Curator

Exemplary Learning Environments: The Future School / Architecture and Learning Environments

  • *Updated Speaker List*
  • Public
  • Cantonese
7/4 (Sat)
3 pm – 5 pm

Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

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Welcome speech:

- Dr. Ngan Ming Yan, Assistant

  Professor, Department of

  Curriculum and Instruction, HKIEd



- Mr. Joel Chan, Director of

  P&T Architects & Engineers Limited

- Mr. Thomas Chow, Director of

  Thomas Chow Architects Ltd.

- Professor K. S. Wong, Director

  of Sustainable Design, Ronald Lu

  & Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd.,

  Member of the Board of Directors

  of The Hong Kong Green Building

  Council (HKGBC)


Comments and responses:

- Mr Pau Shiu-hung, SBS, JP,

  Former Director of Architectural


- Dr. Leung Mei-yung, Assistant

  Professor, Department of Civil and

  Architectural Engineering, CUHK

- Mr. Alfred Yuen, Experienced

  Educational professional

- Mr Kevin P.K. Li, Architect



- Dr. Ngan Ming Yan, Assistant

  Professor, Department of

  Curriculum and Instruction, HKIED


- The Hong Kong Museum of

  Education, The Hong Kong

  Institute of Education

- The School of Architecture, The

  Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Conservation / Adaptive Reuse

10/4 (Tue)
3:30pm –

Welcome Theatre, The Bethanie Campus 139 Pok Fu Lam Road

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- Mr. Raymond Chan, 
  Development Bureau

  Topic: SCAD
- Mr. Billy Tam, Director of 
  Thomas Chow Architects

  Topic: Former Police Married

  Quarters & Old Tai Po

  Police Station

- Mr. Tony Lam, Director of 
  AGC Design Ltd

  Topic: Lui Seng Chun
- Mr. Lam Sair-ling, Senior Property

  Services Manager, Architectural
  Services Department
  Topic: Hong Kong Heritage
  Discovery Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui
- Ms. Anna Kwong, Anna Kwong
  Architects & Associates
  Topic: Revitalization of Yim Tin
  Tsai, Sai Kung
- Mr. Philip Liao, Philip Liao &
  Partners Limited
- Dr. Richard A. Engelhardt,
  former UNESCO Regional Advisor
  for Culture in Asia and the Pacific
Registration: admin@hkszbiennale.org
Closing Week Symposium Date, Time, Venue Content

City and Characters

  • Public
  • English / Putonghua
  • Details
21/4 (Sat)
2:30pm - 5:30pm

Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

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- Eric Chuang, Chenco

- David Tseng, National

  Chiao Tung University

- Alvin Yip, Hong Kong

Polytechnic University



Urban Redevelopment Office,

Taipei City

Transience of Urbanism

  • *New Event*
  • Public
  • Putonghua
  • Details
22/4 (Sun)
1:30pm - 5:30pm

Function Room, The Mira Hong Kong

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- Hu Chao Sheng, JUT

  Foundation for Arts & Architecture

- Zhang Yuxin, Shenzhen

- Hsieh Ying-chun, Exhibitor

  of “Illegal Architecture”



- Roan Ching-Yueh, Curator

  for “Illegal Architecture”

- Gene K. King, Chief Curator



- JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture

Tour Date, Time, Venue Content

Public Space & Art @ Hong Kong Arts Centre

On every Tue, Thu and Sat in April

3pm (Tue, Thu)
11am (Sat)

The Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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Registration: guidedtour@hkac.org.hk

Adaptive Reuse of the Bethanie

10/4 (Tue)
2pm – 3pm

The Bethanie Campus, 139 Pok Fu Lam Road

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Mr. Philip Liao, Philip Liao & Partners Limited


Shuttle bus available at HKAPA Wan Chai Campus

Registration: admin@hkszbiennale.org

Public Presentation Date, Time, Venue Content

flash MOBile Architecture

  • Public
  • Cantonese
9/4 (Mon)
10:30 am – 12 noon

Activity Room, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

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- Dr. Benjamin Yiu, Senior

  Programme Director, HKUSPACE

  Architectural Studies subject group

- Ms. Mona Yeung, College Principal 

  Lecturer, HKUSPACE Architectural 

  Studies subject group

- Year two students of the
  Professional Diploma 
  of Architectural Studies


Film Screening Date, Time, Venue Content

Night on Earth

22/4 (Sun)

agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wan Chai

USA / 1991 / Col / 35mm / 129mins

In English, German, Italian, French and Finnish with Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles

Director: Jim Jarmusch


Post-screening Sharing Session:

Speaker: Pierre Lam

Conducted in Cantonese

Workshop Date, Time, Venue Content

Workshop - Exploration of Light Cities

  • Public
  • Cantonese
15/4 (Sun)
2pm - 6pm

Auditorium, Tsim Sha Tsui District Kaifong Welfare Association, Tsim Sha Tsui

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- Rex Chan

- Joe Lui

- Platteen Tsang

- Peter Lau

- Joseph Kong

- Tris Kee, Curator for Community & Media


Children Workshop - We All Live in the Forbidden City

21/4 (Sat)
11 - 12:30 noon /
2 - 3:30 pm /
4 - 5:30 pm

Activity Room, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

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The workshop is a fun-filled platform for young people aged between 9-12 to understand Chinese arts and culture through “roaming” the Forbidden City and “knowing” the characters in the world’s largest palace. The workshop uses well-designed props, worksheets and games to create an interactive learning experience.


Registration: admin@hkszbiennale.org


Click here for details of the "We All Live in the Forbidden City Educational Outreach Programme"