Feb 6th
14:00 – 16:00
Main Pavilion (M1)
Special Lecture about the Structure of the Main Pavilion
A special lecture given by John Lau about the structure of the Main Pavilion
Feb 9th – 27th
Pocket Fence (E58)
Bring You Own Red Pocket
As giving out red pockets has long been a Chinese New Year custom to bring best wishes for the new year, participants will be asked to write their own wishes on the back of the red pockets and to hang these on the Pocket Fence structure.
Feb 14th – 16th
15:00 – 17:00
Main Pavilion (M1)
Bring You Own Baby Tiger
Doll your little ones up in their finest tiger costumes or Chinese New Year attire and head down to West Kowloon Cultural District on 14-16 February from 15:00 to 17:00, to have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes.
Participants under 12 will be rewarded with a special Biennale balloon and will have their photo taken, using a FujiFilm instax mini7, and displayed among the many exhibitions of the Biennale. Visitors will vote for the most creative costume, and the lucky winner will receive a FujiFilm instax mini7 camera and limited edition Biennale education kit.
Feb 15th
Bring You Own Blanket to the Lunar New Year Fireworks
Snag a coveted spot on the West Kowloon Cultural District waterfront, aptly situated along Kowloon Harbour, as Hong Kong rings in the year of the tiger with its annual fireworks display on 15 February. Or opt to BYOBlanket, find a cozy spot on the green Biennale site, and soak in the visual spectacle of the fireworks alongside the cultural display of the Biennale.
A helpful hint: BYOBinoculars for an even more intimate fireworks show!
Feb 20th
15:00 – 19:00
Waterfront Promenade
Bring Your Own Picnic [by invitation only] presents “BYOP: Bring Your Own Picnic”
The exhibit will come to a close on Saturday, February 27th. Here is your chance to catch it before everything is taken down. Plus it’ll be a good chance to see what the Biennale look like in daylight as it transitions into evening.

We’ll be meeting up at 3pm to get a guided tour through the exhibits. The walking tour should take approximately 1.5 hours. We’ll end at “The Stage” installation designed by Daniel Wu, Edward Huang & Teddy Lo (LED Artist) and have a picnic!

We’ll be looking for food and drink sponsors, but otherwise please plan to:

Feb 21st
14:00 – 16:00
excavation (E56)
looked at but cannot be seen / listened to but cannot be heard / held but cannot be touched
The exhibitors of “excavation” and “regeneration” invite the public to participate in “community”: sound artist and composer Aenon Loo will premiere a new recorded composition and visitors can Build Your Own Booth and conduct your own archaeological investigations. Activities for children will be available. N.B.: following the event the “excavation” site will be permanently closed to the public. Further details will appear on facebook/hung bak
Feb 26th
18:30 – 20:00
Main Pavilion (M1) – Dance Performance
Hong Kong WaterWorks: Memory, Water and Architecture
Hong Kong Waterworks, a mixed media performance, explores the relationship between sites of memory, images of water, and the urban landscape of Hong Kong through dance, singing, video, and music.

Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren is a Visiting Associate Professor at Hong Kong University, an Associate Professor of the University of Washington, and Director of Folded Paper Dance.

Feb 27th
11:00 – 13:00
Main Pavilion (M1)
“Drivers of Change” Forum
What will our world be like in 2050? What are the key issues likely to have a significant impact on the Pearl River Delta Region? How can we adapt to the future today? These are some of the topics we will discuss at the Drivers of Change Forum on 27 February 2010.

The forum is part of Arup’s Drivers of Change initiative to explore the leading issues affecting the future of the world. At COP 15 and close to the C40 initiative, Arup experts are uniquely placed to provide insight into solutions for a better future.

To facilitate discussion at the forum, Arup’s Drivers of Change cards will be used as food for thought. The card set is a visual record of our ongoing research and one set is available at the Main Pavilion. You are welcomed to have a look and vote for the drivers you think are the most critical in the Pearl River Delta Region. The result will inform and inspire our talk at the forum.

Come and share your thoughts and views with top engineers and consultants in town. You will have a better understanding of where the world is heading and how to make our future more sustainable. Facilitators of the forum include: Dr Colin Clinton (Institution of Civil Engineers President 2004/05, FICE, FIHT, FInstCES), Dr Jack Pappin (FHKIE, MICE), Dr Ricky Tsui (Cantab), Debra Lam (Managing effort in UN Climate Change summit, LEED® AP), Dr Young Wong (MIFireE, MHKIE), Andrew Mole (MIStructE, LEED® AP), Freda Chu (MICE, MHKIE), Paul Lam (MIEAust) and Anita Siu (MHKIE, MICE, MIStructE). Guest facilitator Lucien Gambarota, MotorWave.

RSVP to on or before 26 February 2010.

12:00 – 18:00
Projecting Window (E50)
‘Invasion and Infringement‘
It is a performance cum staged photography artwork aims at exploring how everyday actions of city-dwellers intrude, transform and re-define the boundary of public and private realm within the city.
Photographic artist, South Ho (何兆南) and his assistants / actors, will collect hundreds of on-street posters and advertisements to bring his intruding idea ‘on stage’ and will document in a series of photos the process of invasion and infringement by the promotional materials on the precast bay window façade panel of the “Projecting. Window. Visitors are also welcomed to bring along their posters and participate in the event and become part of the artwork itself.
To celebrate Hawker culture, Rain culture: Graham’ Super (by Urban Rethink Tank) and 15:15 Rain Catcher (YS Groundwork Architecture + Urbanism) will hold a closing party to celebrate the Biennale Finale.
14:00 – 18:00
Eco Farm – Green Pixel
Bring A Patch of Green Home
Since the beginning of the Biennale exhibition, a pre-planting event with 180 students from HKFYG to recent Jan 16th ‘Harvest Your Own Salad’, Pad Chu, Adder Fung of SEED and ‘The Organic Farm’, along with BYOBiennale team, Federation of Youth Group and various greening enthusiasts will invite and encourage everyone to take a Green pixel home to continue its growth in a domestic environment. Please come sign up and take a green patch home.
14:00 – 17:00
Main Pavilion (M1)
BYOBiennale Finale and Interactive Forums:

The Curators have assembled a dynamic collection of cultural minds to react and respond to the 3 major themes set out by BYOBiennale: Cultural Education, Social Sustainability and Community Collaboration for Architecture and the city– in the context of West Kowloon and its future.

Speakers/ participants include: Ada Wong | Colin Ward | David Gianotten | Duncan Pescod | Kai Yin Lo | Laurence Liauw | Mathias Woo | Patrick Lau | Rocco Yim | William Lim | William Yiu | Augustine Ng | Kacey Wong | Tao Zhu | Jason Forster | Eugene Tan | Peter Cookson Smith | Syren Johnstone | Weijen Wang | Christine Bruckner | Chris Law | Duncan Jepson | Peter Cookson Smith | Alice Yeung | Alvin Yip | Raymond Fung | Puay Peng Ho | Liu Xiaodu | Organized by Marisa Yiu and Eric Schuldenfrei


looking back, looking sideways to looking forward

the biennale process as a transparent collective endeavor

Architectural forms are noted to reflect cores aspirations or values in societies- in Hong Kong architectural installations in a Biennale setting should reflect questions in a projective positive manner as statements of progress (or reflective models for how cities can do better, how people can better, how individuals can participate and create a greater level of exchange between disciplines). As part of this effort BYOBiennale sets up a strategy to produce such exchanges. In this panel we have invited various speakers from multiple fields to reflect and share how the biennale has served as a platform of exchange which can be furthered explored. In this particular context, we are presenting a range of exhibitors who have utilized a direct cross disciplinary approach to form highly collective and collaborative projects.

Speakers: Duncan Pescod, Ada Wong, Mathias Woo, Kacey Wong, Jason Forster, Duncan Jepson, Eugene Tan, William Lim, Syren Johnstone

Moderators: Eric Schuldenfrei / Marisa Yiu

Click here for our speakers’ biographies.


Is the HK Biennale restricted to its site, form and context and how does one integrate a contextual approach in the shaping of the biennale visions?

There is no mystery that the future West Kowloon Cultural District is an exciting endeavor for Hong Kong’s cultural progress for art, architecture, performing arts and many cross disciplines. It also offers a large expansive public space for all citizens to enjoy. In the BYOBiennale the context of the open Biennale Park as landscape became a site for nurturing, for experimentation, for questions manifested in installations, evident- such as the ecofarm collaborations, event based planning to debates, conversations, youth workshops and over the three months to also the first paper-tube structure by Shigeru Ban to be built in Hong Kong. The exhibitions and events aspired to create positive productive contributions in a modest way. In this context of BYOBiennale – we invite panelists from their fields to explore this contextual approach for a Biennale. Can West Kowloon be a permanent home for the biennale? Or will the context change every two years? Or will the bi-city model be obsolete or renewed and explored in a different form?

Speakers: Patrick Lau, Augustine Ng, Kai Yin Lo, William Yiu, Rocco Yim, David Gianotten, Colin Ward, Christine Bruckner, Christopher Law, Peter Cookson Smith

Moderators: Laurence Liauw/ Marisa Yiu

Click here for our speakers’ biographies.


Organized by HKIA SC – Shenzhen Office

Various members of the Steering Committee (from the Organizers HKIA, HKIP, HKDA) and experts on Hong Kong and Shenzhen will gather to discuss the Bi-City Biennale of Architecture \ Urbanism next steps.

Speakers: Raymond Fung, Alice Yeung, Alvin Yip, Puay-Peng Ho, Zhu Tao, Liu Xiaodu

Moderator: Weijen Wang

Click here for our speakers’ biographies.

17:30 – 18:30
Main Pavilion (M1)
Closing Ceremony / Reception

Exhibitors, Friends, Speakers, Committee members will gather for a casual closing ceremony followed by music performances by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and SaxMax . At 18:45 a short filmic slideshow screening of the BYOBiennale in the making and events overview for the past 3 months- will be projected and looped in the Main Pavilion side container for the evening.

Main Pavilion (M1)
CRITICAL MASS- BYOBicycle and ride for sustainability

Join 100 bicyclists, Karta Healy/TWOnFRO, Stijn Deferm/Stijncycles, Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, Hong Kong Critical Mass, HK Strida, Flwrider to celebrate people-power and the bicycle’s role as a viable form of transportation. With professionals and beginners riding alongside each other in an extraordinary ode to environmental sustainability, Critical Mass will gather to the biennale site at 17:30. And then ride along the West Kowloon Cultural District Waterfront during the Music performances at 18:30 for a closing ride. The goal is for cyclists of all kinds – commuter, sporting, leisure and beginner – to come together with the Biennale location as a destination/meeting point. and biennale website for details.

18:00 – 22:30
Main Pavilion (M1) & Waterfront Promenade (W62)
Music Performances

18:00 (Will be performing also as part of Closing Ceremony)
- Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (Performance around the Main Pavilion, waterfront and grounds)
- SaxMax (Saxophone Quartet playing new saxophone quartet by James Boznos and jazz favourites in the Main Pavilion)

19:00 – 22:30

Waterfront BYOBands to celebrate the Biennale Finale (W62 location)

Curated by Kung Chi Shing, in collaboration with William Lane (New Music Ensemble) and the BYOBiennale Curatorial Team. Performances by SaxMax (Saxophone Quartet), James Boznos (Conductor/ Composer), The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Wong Jing, Poubelle International, UNiXX, Wilson Tsang and Kung Chi Shing. Lan Kwai Fong Holdings Ltd. will sponsor an array of snacks and soft drink beverages for guests to enjoy during the performances at the W62 waterfront location. Everyone is encouraged to BYOB and have a evening picnic.

BYOBIENNALE Partner Events
| Hong Kong WaterWorks: Memory, Water and Architecture |
Participatory Workshop at HKU 10:00 – 12:00
Informal Performance at HKU 14:00
It is a project that will lead to an interactive dance work and workshop that explores significant convergences between memory, water and architecture in Hong Kong.

2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture: Bring Your Own Biennale asks you to help envision a new model metropolis that uses social capital as the main driving force.
CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHS! Please add your best Biennale photos to Flickr and tag them "2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture" at