Hong Kong Water Works:Memory, Water, Architecture

February 24th, 2010

Hong Kong Water Works

Hong Kong Water Works:

Memory, Water, Architecture

Project Director:
Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, PhD

Director:  Folded Paper Dance

Visiting Associate Professor

University of Hong Kong


Boniface Ho
Christine Kehr

Courtenay Shivrattan

Keene Chung

Mary Jane Tang

Ming Pak

Singer: Rani Olafsdottir

Saxophonist: Jacky Leung

Composer:Steve Hui

Photographer: John Batten

Video Artist: Domting

Production Manager: Ma Siu Ki

Stage Designer: Bill Cheung

Mixer: Jason Wong

Production Assistant:Denise Cheuk

Research Team: Yang Yeung, John Batten, Rani Olafsdottir

Date: 26th February 2010 (Friday)

Time: 6:30 pm

Location:  Main Pavilion, West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

Contact Number: 9720 2163

Hong Kong Waterworks, a mixed media performance, explores the relationship between sites of memory, images of water, and the urban landscape of Hong Kong through dance, music, singing, and video.

27th February 2010, Saturday

Workshop            10am-12

Informal Showing:   2pm

University of Hong Kong

In collaboration with the HKU Summer Institute for the Arts and Humanities

For more details, contact Denise Cheuk at 9729 2163

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